Make your own Kyaraben

Are you interested in kyaraben?
Join our program on October 21st (Friday) 19:45-22:30 at Tokyo :)

Making a basic healthy Japanese bento box for your next lunch is already a creative process but a kyaraben will definitely add a little more fun.

In a kyaraben, the food in your bento can look like cute cartoon characters, animals, or even beautiful plants. Making a kyaraben used to be just a trick to get children excited about eating their bento but it has now turned into an art form where even competitions are held. It’s popularity has actually spread across the globe but there is always room to recruit more kyaraben enthusiasts.

In this program you will learn how to make either a Hello Kitty or Pokemon kyaraben. Please make sure to indicate which kyaraben you would like to make at the time of your booking. You will also learn how to make healthy tofu balls, flowers out of cherry tomatoes, and sunflowers out of small sausages.

The program is held in the Cookpad office kitchen near Shirokanedai Station in Tokyo. This office is the ideal location to learn about everyday Japanese food as it is where Japan’s largest recipe sharing site is created and managed.

Program Details:

1. Meet inside the Cookpad office
2. Recipes will be handed out followed by a short explanation
3. Cook while following instructions
4. Take pictures of your creations
5. Eat your creations with your fellow participants
6. Say goodbyes and leave

* Place: Kitchen at cookpad (6 mins walk from Shirokanedai Station on the Toei Mita Line or Nanboku Line)
* Price: 3,500 yen per person
* This program will held in English.

Will you join this program?
Please send message on twitter: @nagomistation :) I will send you more details!

I have already uploaded more hints pictures for making kyaraben, so please check our facebook page.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in this program!