Home Cooking program in Japan

Have you ever tried Japanese food?

“Yes of course!” you say, “there are a lot of Sushi restaurants in my country.”

Okay, that’s nice! :)
Well, how about Japanese home cooked dishes? Have you ever tried that?

We will start a new “Home Cooking” program soon!
In this program, you can visit a Japanese family’s house and have dinner or lunch with them.

It is a chance to experience Japanese lifestyle and also enjoy real Japanese food as it is prepared at homes across Japan every day. Sushi is not the only thing eaten in Japan!

Last week 3 people tried out this program. The event was hosted at the Suzuki family’s house by Tomoe-san and her 3 lovely kids!
Tomoe-san cooked several Japanese dishes such as Hirekatsu, Sasimi, Chirashi- sushi, Kinpiragobo and more!

The participants said:

“It was very nice and well prepared, the food was amazing and there was a lot of choice.”

“The food was delicious and the conversation was lovely, too.”

“I am very pleased to have participated in tonight dinner. It is a rare look inside the life/culture of Japanese family.”

We will officially start this program very soon so check it out on FindJPN.com :)