Hungarian lasagna with Japanese noodle (somen)

I went to school yesterday.
I've been to school since April to lean food styling and making my own recipes to be a good cooking teacher and food coordinator.

I had to cook by my own recipe yesterday, so I have tried to develop my own recipe in these days.

My recipe which I cooked yesterday was "Hungarian lasagna with Japanese noodle (somen)".

Yesterday's challenge was using some spices and I could choose from the following spices to create the recipe.

- Turmeric
- Chinese five-spice mixture
- Oregano
- Paprika powder
- Cinnamon

I chose Paprika powder and Oregano.

Paprika is a very popular condiment in Hungarian food so I decided to arrange Hungarian popular food "goulash" with using Japanese popular noodle, "somen".

I added 1 table spoon of paprika powder and 1 teaspoon of oregano to tomato paste which also included minted beef, onion and red paprika.

I didn't use white sauce for this lasagna because I've estimated that I don't have enough time to cook white sauce because cooking time limit is just 45 minutes.

Instead of white sauce, I use cottage cheese to save time and make the dish more healthy.

Somen is a very popular food in Japan, we often eat it during summer season.
Usually we eat this noodle with sauce which is made from soy sauce and Japanese Dashi stock. You can start to eat after just 1 minute of boiling the noodles so it's a very convenient food.

But for this time I would like to propose a different way to eat somen, so I fried the noodles after boiling so that it could be a substitute for lasagna pasta.

Actually I repeated trial and error for this point in these days, because the texture of somen is the most important point for this recipe, and finally I got the best way to substitute for lasagna pasta.
Thank you to my lasagna master Jens because he ate all my error lasagna and let me know his feelings of taste :)

I got a compliment for this recipe from my teacher yesterday, so I was really happy!