Osechi - dish for celebrate new year in Japan おせち料理と今年の抱負

Happy new year!

In Japan people eat traditional meal on new year days.
This meal called as Osechi and it's variety kind of dishes and serves in a bento-box style plate.

People eat this Osechi with family and friends to celebrate new year.
I cooked Osechi for this year! We can also buy Osechi at department store, supermarket or even via internet in these days
but I tried to cook it with my sister on 31st Dec.

Datemaki Tamago 伊達巻きたまご - Rolled up sweet omlet

I love this sweet omlet very much! Originally my grand mother bought us a special Datemaki every year so my favorite taste of Datemaki is not a homemade but I wanted to try to cook by myself.

Kuromame 黒豆 - Sweet black beans

Cooking this dish takes a long time but we use pressure pot for this time so could save the time lot ;)

Steamed shrimp えびの出汁煮

All menu for Osechi has meaning and shrimp meaning "live a long time" because hip of shrimp stoop such as old man.

Kurikinton 栗きんとん -Sweet potato with chestnut

Kurikinton is my favorite Osechi menu as well. My mother made it every year when I was child :) This is the sweet potato colored with brilliant yellow and put in some chestnut.

Typically this Osechi cooked a lot and have eaten for some days but we didn't cook a lot for this time so it have been finished after few hours from 12:00 on Jan. 1st ;)

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伊達巻きたまごは子供の頃から祖母が毎年買ってきてくれてたものが一番美味しいので、思い出の味は手作りの味ではないのですが、今年はその味を目指して作ってみましたよ☆ それなりに美味しくできたけど、あの甘さ、舌触り、再現したいなー!