Takoyaki is one of my favorite Japanese food and I think a lot of Japanese people like it! It's a grilled octopus balls.

Mix flour, eggs and water (sometimes use dashi stock) then fry it in the special pan, put the boiled octopus and keep turning them until they are round shapes. Place it on plate, and pour the Takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, seaweed powder and bonito flakes.

It's so yummy! I highly recommend you to try it when you are in Japan even if you feel "I don't want to eat Octopus" ;)

If you go to Osaka, you can easy to find Takoyaki shop and get it approx. 6-8 Takoyaki balls for 500 yen.



Takoyaki is very popular especially at Osaka and people have own Takoyaki plate at their house so that they can enjoy their selves. (Since to make it shapes round, you need special pan to cook Takoyaki)

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Now they live in Tokyo but originally come from Osaka, so you can enjoy real home-made Takoyaki with them! They will tell you some tips how to make delicious Takoyaki :)

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