Cooking lovers must go there

If you like cooking like me, I think you MUST visit Kappa-bashi(合羽橋)during your stay in Tokyo.

Kappa-bashi is the street and there are so many shops which provides cooking and kitchen tools such as plates, paper thing, pot, knives, cookie templates, chopstics and so on, I love this place very much!

There is not only for the consumars but also professionals like chef or manager of restaurant it means sometimes you can find and get staffs cheaper than the other place. When I go to Kappa-bashi, usually I need more than three hours to take a look for all the shops I'm interested in because there are tons of nice goods for cooking lovers. :)

I have thought that I want to introduce this place to all the guest of Nagomi Kitchen, but I have always forgot to take pictures because I always concentlate to my own shopping :D
But few weeks ago, my boyfriend's mother and aunt visited us from Denmark and we took them to Kappa-bashi so finally now I can introduce you my favorite place with many pics!

Many kind of design of tiny plates, it called "Mamezara" in Japanese. The price is just around 100-300 yen.


Tea pot, price is about 1,000 yen. You can find many kind of green tea easily at the supermarket and just put them into this pot with hot water.

Cups, price from 500 yen to 1,000 yen.

Nambu Ironware, it's the Japanese traditional craft. Looks nice! DSC01188

If you visit Takayama during your trip in Japan, maybe you can find this one at there when you served original dish at Takayama, "Hooba-Miso".

Steam cooker.

Kappa-bashi is also famous for the food sample.
DSC01163 DSC01164 DSC01168 DSC01169

I will show you something I got at Kappa-bashi :-DDSC01461 DSC01465 DSC01466 DSC01468

 Kappa-bashi is nearby Asakusa (about 10 minutes on foot) so you can schedule to visit this wonderful place at the same day as Asakusa.

Good luck for your shopping!