Today we held " Learn basic Japanese cooking lesson " with four guests.

Deanna from France, she live in Japan for just 2 month and her friend in France booked this lesson as a gift for Deanna. (We are really glad that Nagomi Kitchen was choose as a gift!!)

Additional Pablo, Pedro and Marcos from Spain, they are TV crew and joined our cooking lesson for shooting for their program, EL INTERMEDIO (channnel : LA SEXTA )

So, today's lesson was proceeded with very mixed languages, French, Spanish, Japanese and of course English ;)

Before cooking, I told them about the Japanese soup stock, Dashi. It's made from edible kelp and dried bonito. Then Pablo said "Bonito? It's mean beautiful in Spanish!" I didn't know about that but
it's interesting the same word means fish and beautiful :D

I got some kindly comments from them about impressions for Nagomi Kitchen's cooking lesson.

from Pedro: The kitchen is very nice. Very spacious, charm, lovely place. Megumi is a very kind & lovely person and her mum is also very kind. They are both very funny.

from Pablo: So friendly people and so tasty food that I want to settle in this kitchen forever!

from Deanna: Really friendly, food is really good! Thanks a lot.

We also enjoyed very much for today's lesson! I'm looking forward to watch today's lesson on Spanish TV program on end of March and believe Deanna will be able to cook today's menu for her friends
when she back home:)